Monday, April 27, 2009

Another LIFT Adult Learner Earns GED

LIFT's fabulous programming staff brought to my attention last week that another LIFT adult learner has earned her GED. Since LIFT launched GED Direct in July 2008, we have seen a 12% increase in the number of adult learners who come to use for the upper level (translates to GED preparation) classes. This shows us that GED Direct, an on line interactive GED preparation class geared to lower level adult readers (those who read at the 5th grade level) is just what adult learners are looking for.

LIFT partnered with Aztec Software to develop the software and GED Direct is the only program of its kind in the United States. Other GED prep courses are geared to the adult learner who reads at the 9th grade level. Our adult learners tell us they love the program - most of them leave class here and continue their studies at home for several hours.

At the present time, LIFT offers GED Direct for free to 13 partner agencies and like all our other classes, there is no charge to the adult learner.

Kind of exciting to be on the front lines with new technology that is improving the lives of so many North Texans.

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