Monday, June 27, 2011

HELP! LIFT needs Learning Center Computers

Unbelievable! Several of LIFT's Learning Center computers that have been limping along have finally died. Please help us with a donation of 5 desktops computers for our adult learners to use for GED Direct and other practice programs.

Call me and I'll come pick them up myself.

Lisa Hembry, 214-824-2000 x 222

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Did u know?

According to the website

The US high school graduation rate is now 19th in the world! (40 years ago, we were #1).

65% of US convicts are high school dropouts. Lack of education is one of the strongest predictors of criminal activity.

More than a quarter of all US high school freshmen fail to graduate from high school in four years.

Let's change these stats. We have to Do Something!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

OMG, the costs of illiteracy!

McGraw-Hill Research Foundation ( released results of a recent policy policy study on the return on investment of adult education. Among the findings:
Texas has over 3,000,000 adults (18 - 64 years of age) in our state who do not have a high school diploma. The result of this failure of our education system is 'overwhelming', according to the report.

"If these adults possessed a diploma or GED, their annual net fiscal contribution to national, state and local governments would increase by $13.5 BILLION. If they attended college, the ANNUAL net fiscal contribution would increase by another $10.6 BILLION.

We need LIFT and organizations like LIFT to grow and to serve more people. Otherwise, the effect on our state is going to be devastating.

United Way Metropolitan Dallas

LIFT is so grateful for the continued support of United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. This year LIFT will receive $367,195 for Adult Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language training. LIFT is fully on-board to help achieve United Way's massive community-wide goals of bringing 250,000 people in our area permanently out of poverty; to increase the number of high school graduates that go on to higher education by 50%; and to improve the healthy habits of our community.

Learning how to read certainly fits into each on of these categories.

Working together as a community of service providers and concerned citizens, we will far exceed these lofty goals by the year 2020.

Give generously to United Way through your company or individually.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Night Center Manager - Part-Time Position

2121 Main Street, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75201

Learning Center Manager (Evening)
Job Description (part-time position)

The Learning Center Manager reports to the Director of Programs and share the overall administration of student affairs including: interviews, assessment, goal setting, enrollment, orientation, class assignment, scheduling, recordkeeping, retention support, conducting progress reviews and monitoring progress throughout students’ tenure at LIFT.

¨ Recruits adult learners and meets with prospective students for interview (goal setting, assessment, enrollment) and orientation.
¨ Monitors student progress through each program with pre- and post tests, goal evaluations, and individual success stories. Reassigns class when appropriate.
¨ Encourages students’ success with recognition of achievement and promotes retention and intervention as necessary.
¨ Schedules new and continuing classes by coordinating classrooms with optimum number of students and, working with staff, the availability of trained volunteer teachers.
¨ Maintains accurate records for students, classes and schedules.
¨ Determines eligibility for bus pass scholarship in a student interview.
¨ Maintains adequate supply of and accounting for, class materials, student books, and bus passes.
¨ Refers students to available resources, e.g. child care, social services, educational opportunities.
¨ Explains LIFT services to potential students, agency representatives, collaborative partners, etc.
¨ Attends and participates in all staff and program meetings.
¨ Supports and participates in fund raising activities as requested.
¨ Other duties as assigned.

¨ Strong organizational skills with attention to details.
¨ Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
¨ Excellent people skills.
¨ Oral and written communication skills including telephone and common office software.
¨ Degree preferred.