Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Night Center Manager - Part-Time Position

2121 Main Street, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75201

Learning Center Manager (Evening)
Job Description (part-time position)

The Learning Center Manager reports to the Director of Programs and share the overall administration of student affairs including: interviews, assessment, goal setting, enrollment, orientation, class assignment, scheduling, recordkeeping, retention support, conducting progress reviews and monitoring progress throughout students’ tenure at LIFT.

¨ Recruits adult learners and meets with prospective students for interview (goal setting, assessment, enrollment) and orientation.
¨ Monitors student progress through each program with pre- and post tests, goal evaluations, and individual success stories. Reassigns class when appropriate.
¨ Encourages students’ success with recognition of achievement and promotes retention and intervention as necessary.
¨ Schedules new and continuing classes by coordinating classrooms with optimum number of students and, working with staff, the availability of trained volunteer teachers.
¨ Maintains accurate records for students, classes and schedules.
¨ Determines eligibility for bus pass scholarship in a student interview.
¨ Maintains adequate supply of and accounting for, class materials, student books, and bus passes.
¨ Refers students to available resources, e.g. child care, social services, educational opportunities.
¨ Explains LIFT services to potential students, agency representatives, collaborative partners, etc.
¨ Attends and participates in all staff and program meetings.
¨ Supports and participates in fund raising activities as requested.
¨ Other duties as assigned.

¨ Strong organizational skills with attention to details.
¨ Ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
¨ Excellent people skills.
¨ Oral and written communication skills including telephone and common office software.
¨ Degree preferred.