Monday, April 13, 2009

LIFT Adult Learner Earns GED

Tonight at LIFT we are having a little party. We are going to celebrate the fact that one of our adult learners has earned his GED.

Ernest could read - a little. After all, he completed school through the eighth grade and could read at a sixth grade level, but Ernest wanted more from his life. He wanted to go to college and to own an electronics business. To achieve these dreams, Ernest knew he would have to learn to read at a much higher level. Ernest turned to LIFT in 2006 to get what he needed to move his life in that direction.

Ernest attended GED classes four nights a week for three years. Imagine - is there anything you do that takes you away from home four nights a week AFTER working a full time job? That you do willingly? That is determination and dedication.

Learning to read garnered Mr. Piper a job promotion. Previously employed as a janitor, he is now trained as a Crisis Hotline Counselor.

Ernest is all set to enter college . Congratulations Ernest. We wish you the best of luck!

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