Thursday, April 23, 2009

Full of Possibilities

The last couple of days have been absolutely glorious, weather wise, here in North Texas. In spite of the economic downturns we have all been facing, it is easy to forget them for a moment and just enjoy the sunshine and clear skies.

That spirit of possibility bleeds over into the workplace. I am not going to gloss over the current fundraising environment - things are tough for non profits and LIFT is not exempt. Rather than dwell on what we don't have, I am choosing to view this time as the opportunity to discover new funding sources.

And I see hope when I come to work. I see hope on the faces of our adult learners as they wait every morning for the doors to open. I see hope in their posture when they realize "hey - I CAN do this. I CAN learn." I see hope when our oldest student has decided at the age of 76 that she can learn to read. I see hope when our adult learners go on to earn their GED and then enroll in college. I see hope when one of our adult learners tells me he and his granddaughter do their reading homework together and help each other.

Instead of dwelling on what is not, let's dwell on what is and the positive impact LIFT has on its adult learners. These are people who are choosing to enhance their lives and the lives of their families. They are becoming literate and a whole new world of opportunities await them.

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