Monday, March 7, 2011

Many thanks to the 14 community volunteers and 2 United Way staff that visited LIFT last week for the United Way Metropolitan Dallas "Job Skills Panel" site visit and proposal review. They were interested, engaged and most of all...(since they came to LIFT right after lunch)...they stayed awake! That was probably because our Director of Programs, Cheryl Parker, had so many interactive reading activities for them. She kept their physical energy going and had them doing intense mental gymnastics as well. But, they were also came prepared and committed to do a thorough job.

Thanks to LIFT volunteer teachers John Norfleet, Stella Via, and Alice Neufeld and LIFT students Jessie Allen, Robert Bailey and Myriam Drake for sharing their experiences with the UWMD Job Skills Panel. LIFT board members Richard Mauldin from Texas Capital Bank and Barbara Walker from Verizon took time from their busy schedules to help us tell the LIFT success story.

Most of all thanks to our great in-house LIFT Team for doing anything and everything to ensure that the site visit ran like a well-oiled machine.

Thanks everybody! And, thank God it's over! We'll find out in about 6 weeks if United Way will include LIFT in its United 2020 Community Impact Team. Hope so.


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