Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ingram Micro, LLC donates laptops to LIFT

An ANGEL from Ingram Micro, LLC in Carrollton sent an email to Melissa Gray, LIFT's daytime Learning Center Manager this morning offering 5 IBM Thinkpads!!! She said the company wanted to donate the laptops for educational use. Of course, we responded immediately accepting the donation.

The amazing thing is that Rudy Murillo, LIFT's IT Manager, told me recently that we were desperately in need of 4 new computers. I put a sticky on my computer to remind myself everyday to put that on our Wish List. Someone at Ingram Micro heard our plea and added another one for good measure (even though I never got around to put an urgent request on our web site).

Thank you Debra at Ingram are LIFT's Angel of the Day. We appreciate you.

If there are any other laptops or desktop computers floating around out there in the ether, just call us and we'll give you a good home helping adults learn to read.

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