Monday, June 22, 2009

Student Poetry

Best selling author and former non-reader, John Corcoran, pointed out that once non readers learn to read, the desire to write poetry bubbles to the surface. Below are examples of poetry written by our Voyager (4th - 5th grade reading level) adult learners. The poems followed an exact format using their names and information about themselves. Enjoy!

Fun, nice, hardworking, friendly
Son of Mary and Tom
Brother of Herbert, Joan, Robbie Ray
Who feels glad to be in class
Who likes to learn to readna dwrite better
Who needs help to read and write better and get my GED
Who lives in Dallas, Texas

Sweet, kind, loving, dignified
Daughter of Lisa Stuart
Sister of Mary Smith
Who feels good
Who likes eggs and toast
Who needs church and money
Who lives in Irving, Texas

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