Monday, June 8, 2009

LIFT Day Manager Receives Accolades

Tomorrow night, LIFT Day Manager, Melissa Gray is being honored by the Roy Stanley Masonic Lodge here in Dallas for her work on behalf of LIFT adult learners. Each new leaner to LIFT meets one on one with Melissa for their initial assessment which determines which class they will enter. Melissa exhibits such grace and patience under fire. In addition to meeting with every new student that walks through the doors here at the Main Street Site, Melissa keeps everything humming smoothly along in the Main Street site. She keeps adult learners and volunteers informed of any closings, changes in policies and needs. Most of all, she is the ultimate cheerleader for LIFT's adult learners and many of these people have not had a cheerleader in their life. She encourages the learners, urges them to try just once more and celebrates their successes. Melissa, hats off to you - you deserve this accolade!

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