Monday, May 18, 2009

DonorBridge is Coming

DonorBridge is a new online resource for non profit supporters in North Texas. Information on area non profits, including LIFT, will be available to supporters at Sort of like a clearinghouse where you can find tax returns, programs, budgets, staffing - anything you might want to know about your favorite non profit or a non profit you might be interested in funding.

In honor of the launch of this new resource, on May 20th, any donations made to your favorite non profit (which I hope is LIFT) online at can be matched dollar for dollar. You want to get your gift in early though - only $200,000 is available for matching funds and with 400 are non profits all vying for this money, it will go early.

In these tough economic times, area non profits have seen funding fall dramatically at a time when more and more people are asking for services. LIFT is no exception. We have seen foundations who have funded us for years unable to fund this year due to a decline in the value of their investments. At the same time LIFT logged over 1,000 phone calls in a two week period in January from people wanting information on our classes.

Even though all LIFT classes are taught by dedicated and fabulous volunteers, it takes money to run these programs. With 8,500 adult learners in a year, the majority of whom ask for homework, you can imagine the amount of paper we run through alone. Then of course you can't have class in the dark - we have to pay the light bill. Not all students can afford a textbook - those are $20. Many of our adult learners cannot afford a bus pass to get to class. If $2 towards a bus pass is all that stands in the way of getting someone to class, then LIFT is going to make that happen.

If you only make one gift to LIFT this year, make it May 20th at and double your impact.

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