Monday, March 23, 2009

SpeedPro Imaging Grand Opening Benefits LIFT

Raising money for a non profit is a many varied and splendorous thing, especially in these challenging economic times. Before someone invests in your mission, you need to show them their hard earned dollars and time are going to be well used.

I explain that non profit fundraising is a lot like dating. Relationships must be built. First you get to know each other and then after a while, you start to dance. But sometimes you meet someone and it just clicks. Such is the case with Eric Rozier and SpeedPro Imaging of Greater Dallas.

Eric and I first met at a Coffee Cup Connection event, sponsored by the Dallas Chamber of Commerce. A Coffee Cup Connection is sort of like speed dating - you move between tables of 6-8 and everyone gets about a minute to tell about their business and the types of customers or leads they are looking for. Eric was intrigued by LIFT and realized the importance of the work we do teaching adults to read, so he visited our downtown Dallas site. He decided then and there to become a LIFT partner.

Fast forward just a few weeks and this Thursday, March 26th, SpeedPro Imaging of Greater Dallas will have its Grand Opening and owner Eric Rozier has arranged for the event to benefit LIFT. He opened his Rolodex and is asking attendees to donate their time or their money to LIFT. He didn't have to do this - he is giving from the goodness of his heart. An opportunity like this is golden for LIFT - we are able to reach an audience that, in all honesty, probably does not know about LIFT. We will be able to educate at least 100 more people about the insidious nature of adult illiteracy and how pervasive it is in North Texas.

So, thank you Eric and SpeedPro Imaging of Greater Dallas. It is partnerships like this that keep us going. See you Thursday night!

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